Electronic Security

Kolossos Security undertakes the installation of Security and Fire Alarm Systems in a swift and reliable manner thanks to the professionalism and a strong sense of responsibility of well-trained and specialized technicians. Alongside our security personnel, who are under continuous training, inspect the Security and Fire Alarm Systems once they have been installed.

Our company has the capacity to meet and respond to the security needs of both small residences and businesses and large, such as storage facilities, industrial units, banks etc.


  1. Assessment of the needs of your space, installation and maintenance of electronic alarm systems
  2. Access Control Systems
  3. Special electronic protection for factories CC.TV
  4. 24-hour monitoring and immediate response to alarm signals
  5. 24-hour surveillance via security cameras
  6. Immediate response in case of danger or threat
  7. Fully equipped and streamlined patrol vehicles with radio communication system for effective patrolling and immediate intervention in case of danger or threat
  8. Instant alert and excellent cooperation with the security forces (Police, Fire Department, etc.) and National Center for Emergency Care (EKAB)

Our systems are all guaranteed, supported by factory warranties and compliant with the highest standards for materials by famous brands.

Our Security Systems have successfully undergone all TESTING by the Laboratory Testing Department of the Public Telecommunications Network and have a National Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Connection (EETT) Approval, which allows TTE installations. If you wish, for further detailed information we can provide you with copies of the Government Gazette with relevant Decisions, Law Articles and European Union Directives. 

  1. ALARM SYSTEMS. Full coverage for total security of your space. Wide variety available to match even the most demanding applications.
  2. CLOSED CIRCUIT SURVEILLANCE. CC.TV cameras, monitors, video, motion detectors, image switchers. They cover the security needs of industrial units, banks etc. An image transmission program by the CC.TV system is available for the subscriber customers of the Signal Receiving Center.
  3. ACCESS CONTROL. Inspection of alarm systems where arming and disarming is entrusted to third parties or employees (shops, banks, houses, etc.) and written monthly report to the person in charge, for the exact day, hour and minute, of entry and exit from the guarded area.
  4. FIRE DETECTION. Full coverage using high-level fire safety engineering, thanks to our collaboration with the top fire-safety brands.
  5. FIRE EXTINCTION. Dry powder-HALON BCF fire extinguishing systems.

Kolossos Security offers a performance guarantee for all systems, a certificate from the

Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission - EETT and a National Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Connection (EETT) Approval.



The company provides free technical support, maintenance and service to the customer-subscriber throughout the duration of the contract, if the subscriber so wishes.

Equipment maintenance costs are determined based on the cost of the installation and the implemented protection plan.

Kolossos Security partners with the top alarm system brands to provide its customers with high quality, state-of-the-art electronic security systems supported by performance and service guarantee.

Our technicians are highly trained in the installation of these systems and are continuously updated on the technological developments in the field of alarm systems so they are always ready to meet your needs.

Moreover, the company maintains a computerized record of all facilities, in order to provide an immediate, low-cost and effective solution to any problem you may be facing at any given time.

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