Physical Security

The guard will show up for service in uniform and will hold the Special License for Security Personnel by Law 2518/97. Upon the commencement of service, a general inspection of the area will be carried out, which will include checking for doors and windows that may have been left open, any parked cars that may be present, etc., followed by checks for fire indicators or risk, from boilers etc, checks for leakages, overflow and broken pipes and also a power supply check.

The guard will ward off suspicious persons from the guarded areas and will be patrolling the premises for possible burglary, sabotage and other unlawful acts.

The guard will be in constant contact with the 24-hour Signal Receiving Center, providing updates on the status of the protected area while continuously receiving Signal information from the Electronic Alarm Systems installed in the guarded area, achieving complete and effective protection of the space, as well as an immediate response to any extraordinary or suspicious event.

Vehicle Control (Passenger Cars, Trucks, etc.)

  • Incoming trucks are recorded in the gate-logbook by registration number and the driver’s name.
  • The guards care for the priority during loading/unloading of the trucks and ensure that any vehicles or obtrusive items are removed from the loading/unloading area, in consultation with the warehouse managers and supervisors of the guarded area.
  • Entry and exit of trucks is forbidden outside the operation hours of the guarded area.
  • No vehicle leaves the gate without the necessary inspection and the appropriate documents, invoices, delivery notes.
  • At the exit, the cargo in the trucks is inspected and counted and upon compliance with the summary statement, the invoices are stamped with the gate control stamp.
  • During the guard’s watch, the supporting documents of the vehicles’ drivers are also checked. The contents of the cargo bed and the driver's cab are also inspected for any items that require accompanying documents, and a check is performed on the accompanying documents.
  • It is forbidden for the drivers and assistants to enter the production areas, as well as any other area they have no right to access.
  • During the non-operation hours and days of the guarded area, the guard ensures that the trucks coming for loading or unloading, park inside or outside of the factory, according to the instructions and in consultation with the managers of the area under protection.
  • The guard ensures that passenger cars with access rights park at the designated parking area without impeding the cargo loading/unloading or the operation of the guarded space.

Visitor Control:

  • All visitors are recorded in the gate logbook with the exact time of entry and exit.
  • The guard informs visitors about the areas they are going to visit.
  • Visitors are discreetly screened and their host is notified before they enter, so that any unnecessary roaming in the premises of the protected area is avoided.
  • It is ensured that visitor vehicles are parked in the designated parking spaces.
  • If the exiting person is in posses of any item that was not carried along upon entering, the accompanying document, dispatch note or an invoice must be provided. In this case, any baggage does not go under inspection, but the event is recorded in the daily guard report.
  • Entry of personal visitors of the employees of the area under protection is not permitted e.g. friends, relatives. In such a case, the shift manager is notified and the employee is called to the gate given that the reason of the visit is serious.
  • It is forbidden for all visitors to enter the production areas and other restricted access areas, unless they are authorized or escorted by the Managers of the guarded area.

Personnel Control:

  • Personnel disembark and park their vehicles in the designated spaces (parking).
  • There is no baggage check upon entry and exit of personnel unless it is required in specific occasions.
  • Employees arriving late or without an entry card are logged with the exact time of entry and exit, in the gate logbook, a copy of which is delivered daily to the security officer.
  • Employees are allowed to exit during work time and before the end of their shift, only after presenting the written permission of the shift manager, and a prompt clock out. Otherwise the event is recorded in the gate logbook, a copy of which is delivered daily to the security officer.
  • It is forbidden for any employee or non, to enter during the non-operation hours of the protected area except for those with authorized access and those on shift in production or maintenance in accordance with the work schedule.

Patrol Checks:

  • The guard patrols fully equipped, (with radio, flashlight, trained dog, etc.) and communicates at regular intervals with the 24-hour Signal Receiving Center. If any threat is perceived the guard alerts the center which in turn alerts the relevant state authorities (e.g. police, fire brigade, etc.). Until state authorities arrive, the guard will handle the situation no matter how adverse it is, while alongside the authorities, the special intervention forces of Kolossos Security (patrol vehicles, etc.) will be mobilized.
  • Ensures that the gate of the protected area is always closed and opens only for entry and exit of persons and vehicles after approval and inspection.
  • The guard supervises the protected area and dismisses any bystanders.
  • The guard supervises and inspects the external crews and vehicles when they are entering or leaving the guarded area.
  • Forbids entry to vendors frequenting workplaces during work-days.
  • The guard performs a baggage check, if needed, at the entry and exit of the premises of the guarded area, according to the instructions of the Board of Directors, of the guarded area.
  • The guard knows which persons have unrestricted access rights within the guarded facilities.
  • Prohibits entry during non-operation hours of the facilities, by persons or vehicles that have no written permission from the Board of Directors of the guarded area.
  • Oversees the compliance with regulations prohibiting the illegal extraction of property of the guarded area.
  • Ensures that no item leaves the guarded facilities without a written permission or invoice and dispatch note signed by the security officers of the guarded area.
  • During patrol, checks for indicators of fire in boiler rooms, water heaters, tanks, waste bins, etc.
  • Checks power supply (sockets, wires, etc.) for signs of wear and for risk of leakage or fire.
  • Checks piping and plumbing for leaks, overflowing, and signs of damage or breakage.
  • Checks the cleanliness of the facilities.
  • Ensures that prohibition signs are observed in specific areas, eg. a no smoking sign.


Duties of Security Personnel

  • Guards’ overall and primary mission is the safety of persons and items they are assigned by the company in accordance with the security regulations of the guarded area. Guards are in charge of prevention, limitation and dissuasion of any illegal action.
  • The guard never leaves the guarded area for any reason, if not replaced by another.
  • The guards faithfully perform the special duties assigned to them by the security officer of the guarded area.
  • It is forbidden to perform favors for the staff of the guarded area, as well as for the various drivers and visitors.
  • Each guard ought to cooperate with the security managers of the guarded area. Also owes respect to his superiors and obedience to administrative orders. The guard ought to treat the Administration, the staff and visitors of the guarded area, with courtesy and respect.
  • It is the duty of the guard to provide information to police and judicial authorities about events involving unlawful acts and incidents, witnessed by the guard.
  • The guard is obliged to be uniformed, sober and never under the influence of alcohol, while at service. -Guard is also required to keep personal space clean.
  • Each guard compiles the "GUARD REPORT", with all relevant remarks, and hands it to the security manager of the guarded area at the end of guard’s shift.

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