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There are quite a lot of concert venues in our country considering that all stadiums can be defined as such. Some of them, and the most famed are: Athens Concert Hall, Vrahon Theater, City of Athens Technopolis (Gazi), Lycabettus - Open Air Theater, Theatro Dassous (Forest Theatre of Thessaloniki),Milos, Garden Theater, Alexandreio Melathron- Nick Galis Hall (Palais des Sports). Many world-class artists have performed in Greece and especially in Athens. Large stadiums have been set up as concert venues, such as the Olympic Stadium in Attica and the Kaftanzoglio Stadium in Thessaloniki. But how can these vast spaces be safeguarded so that people are able to attend the concert uninterrupted and peacefully?

Taking responsibility for the safety of large concert venues bears some serious obligations to the Private Security Services Provider. We will analyze these obligations as much as possible and with as much clarity as possible, in the text below.

MISSION: The mission of a Private Security Services Provider is to dissipate any anxiety the concert managers may have, about the security of a large concert venue, by providing optimal service to them, the participants, the famous musicians and performers, as well as the audience.

The keys to success in this area are:

  • The training of the Private Security Services Provider in crowd management and safety. Great importance is given to crowd management to ensure that will attend their concert in a safe and comfortable environment. The efficient design of crowd management and implementation of the security plan are considered to be key-factors in conducting safe events at the central security management.
  • The confidence that the Private Security Service Company relays to its clients, understanding their needs and based on experience and the specific dynamics in the field of Security, providing meaningful results. When clients enter into a contract with a Provider Company, they should stay assured knowing that their experience and knowledge will exceed their expectations. The Provider must be so flexible as to handle each event in an exceptional way.
  • Finally, monitoring the quality of the security services provided enables the Private Security Services Provider to offer full quality assurance.

The responsibilities of a Private Security Services Provider for the security of large concert venues are concisely:

    1. Crowd safety
    2. The security of the facilities, especially if they are located in a non-secure area, with increased crime rate
    3. The security of the parking space if available
    4. The privacy and safety of famous musicians or performers
    5. Crowd management
    6. Guarding the spaces with authorized personnel entry
    7. The security of ticket vendors
    8. The protection of expensive audiovisual media and musical instruments, such as Stradivarius violins -especially in concert venues where classical musicians perform
    9. Control and access of technicians and workers engaged in the function and preparation of the event

But let's start from scratch and analyze the responsibilities of a Private Security Services Provider, one by one so that all readers will have a good understanding.

A Private Security Services Provider is obliged first and foremost to meet with the clients and the owners of the Concert Venue and draw up a complete and flawless security plan. A safety and security plan can only be perfect if the Providers listen and comprehend the needs and concerns of our clients, decode and decrypt (according to the security plan they have in mind) the opinions of the owners of the concert venue.

Once they have set up an appropriate and multi-level security plan, they communicate with the local police station; submit their proposal and security plan and request coverage if needed.

A matter of great importance, which we should give special attention to, is crowd security and management. Because when it comes to music concerts, we are not talking about managing 500 or 1000 people but more than 20.000 people, a number quite intimidating. Nevertheless when the Providers’ personnel are trained and prepared to receive such numerous crowds in their space (concert venue) no problem should arise. And still if anything occurs, the Provider should be prepared to handle it.

The procedures that will be implemented in case of an emergency should be planned in full detail in the security plan developed by the Private Security Services Provider with alternative plans available to avoid being taken aback. Not only it should be put in writing, but also the personnel should be well trained for each individual space so that they can cope with total success and manage to evacuate, par example, the space easily without losses or injuries.

Parking, if available at a concert venue is an easy target for thieves during a concert or event, seen as a great opportunity for "easy" money. Therefore parking security is of major importance to the Security Services Provider. 24-hour surveillance of the surrounding space and underground if required, is vital, to prevent sabotage and theft. Monitoring through the control center, using surveillance cameras is also recommended.

Formation of control lines at the entry of the attending audience as well as metal detection control will help ensure a flawless event. To avoid overcrowding and anxiety (unpleasant for the audience), it is suggested to open more than one entrance gates depending on the venue. It is the duty of the Security Services Provider to abide by the security plan and to control all entering public without causing annoyance.

Another "thorn" for the Provider that handles the security of a music venue is the safety of music stars, singers, performers and conductors. Music stars, whether rock or classical, should not be disturbed as nuisance incurs negative publicity for the Provider which may also be transferred on stage. Their Security must be silent, continuous and restless. During the concert, guards are obliged not to allow the crowd climb on stage or throw any object that could somehow injure a member of the musical group.

Many musical groups during their tours carry expensive audiovisual media as well as expensive instruments. At times it may happen to encounter several Stradivarius violins or other rare or antique instruments.  This requires maximum security but also probably a storage space with an alarm system as the backstage areas where the owners of these expensive instruments are getting prepared will rarely be inaccessible to all staff. Also during musical concerts, musicians usually change clothes, so their valuable items remain unattended in their dressing rooms. Music venues allow fairly broad access beyond protecting the privacy of the "headquarters" of musicians, managers, and administrative offices. People who prepare the stage, electricians and technicians should be able to move in the backstage freely, therefore items of high value or important assets need to be protected.

One of the responsibilities of the Security Services Provider is the briefing of the local Fire Station about the concert as well as the development of an evacuation plan of the music venue in case of fire.

To train all security personnel in assisting people with special needs so that they have full access to the concert facilities.

Finally, direct contact with the First Aid Station and RESCUE GR for any medical emergency, emergency situation report or perceived injuries or losses.

Kolossos Private Security Services Provider has the know-how and training, understands the problems and risks, and offers the highest level of expertise as well as a competitive pricing, providing security services for music venues.

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