Village & Community Patrols

We provide protection for villages & communities at a low monthly rate per person.

A car equipped with a warning beacon, a siren and KOLOSSOS SECURITY insignia and a crew of 2 people patrols the roads of your community or village from 23:00 until 06:00 in the morning.

Residents are provided with the phone number they should call if they notice even the slightest suspicious movement. Once we take action, there will be no case of home burglary or car theft. Enjoying security even in this period of economic crisis is not a luxury.

Transgressors will think twice before considering any activity. 

Contact us

189, Kifissias Avenue Maroussi 115124 
+30 210 5242437
+30 210 5244746
+30 210 2713395
+30 697 4376900
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