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Security Companies

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The security companies made their very first steps in the beginning of the decade of 80s in order to assist to the maintenance of the order. For 3 decades they offer essential work in the sector of guarding of private companies, ports, airports, state organizations, athletic and cultural events, they transfer money with safety for banks and individuals. They offer the ability to businessmen or other persons who are in danger, to be accompanied by professional bodyguards in every step. From the beginning of the decade of 2000 they offer their services to the football teams and they assist to the smooth conduct of the games and the compliance of the security measures. Each security company has its operation license from the ministry of public order and receives uniform approval for the clothes it is using in its custody. The security staff is often attending security seminars in order to enrich their knowledge and improve their response in case of crisis in the guard place. Every security company consists of the security staff which is the guards, the sergeants, the security supervisors and the security managers. With the elation of the criminality of our times the presence of the security companies is essential. Other security measures that the security companies undertake are the installation of security systems, which are alarms, cameras, recorders, access control, and fire detectors, in companies, houses, playgrounds. Many companies have the ability to have in their offices a central station of a center of signal processing which is connected to the alarm of the customer and when there is a malevolent action it notifies the police, the fire department and the customer and the security company is sending a patrol car for immediate interference. Many security companies undertake the observance of an area with stores and/or houses with a car that patrols during the night.

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